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After You've Done All You Can, You Just Stand

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Look, nothing will fully prevent you from getting Coronavirus. Even the flu shot doesn’t prevent you from getting the flu. Whether you are in the grocery store or in the airport. YOU have to protect yourself regardless of where you go. You will eventually have to return to work. We cannot live in a bubble. We cannot rely on the media or the government.

Start now creating your own “new normal” way of living, traveling, and move on. This has reminded me of the 9-11 attacks and how we all said Im done traveling, but months later we were taking off our shoes and boarding flights again, with new procedures in place. They have been wearing face masks for the longest in Japan and other countries. This is just new to us, but maybe we should’ve been doing this. If you think about it, so much sickness could’ve been prevented if we ALL practiced good hygiene, stayed home when sick, and covered out mouth when we coughed or sneezed 🤧

I was interviewed yesterday about how do I see travel in 10 years and my response was - much different than today, or tomorrow. We will forever go through the stages of shock, disbelief, adjusting, adapting, and moving forward.

I’ve ordered packs of masks, wipes, mini Lysol’s, face shields, vitamin c, and gloves. This is where we are now friends. I’m not trusting the disinfectant materials of anyone else. I will be like Naomi Campbell and clean my own area before sitting. We all laughed at her but now she looks smart. I will stand back and let everyone else board first. I’m good, I will wait before having people all on my back. I have always disinfected my own hotel room. I travel with my own sheets, pillow cases, blanket, and wash cloths. Those who travel with me ask - “Where is your Linus blanket.” We laugh but they don’t get that my Linus blanket is keeping the arm and legs of the person beside me from touching me. I do not get maid service other than taking out my trash. Nope, not interested in you coming into my room after I’ve disinfected it and moving my stuff around. No thank you. Once I’ve done all I know to do I just sit back and enjoy the sun and sand.

If you later decide that you are ready to travel again, create your own routine and enjoy yourself. Like the song says - After you’ve done all you can, you just stand 🎼

I’ve ordered Stars N Skyes Travel masks and so much more for my clients. When you book with me you will have the option to upgrade your package and receive our Travel Safe Gift Pack to help you be prepared. Sometimes you just may not have the time to go gather your own supplies so relax, we got you! Just doing my part to help protect my clients. Pictured are a few of the products that will be in your gift pack. One will be touch screen gloves to use as you navigate the tv, and the other will be reusable, collapsible straws. Of course we have to represent with our own face masks.

Stay safe friends and be smart out here. While the world is in panic mode, let’s get prepared. I refuse to live in fear. Preparation is key

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