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Be Usher’d in the Palace

Have you ever traveled specifically for a music concert? I am sure you have heard the buzzzzz.....

Yeah! (2004), you read the play on words right. Can You Handle It? (2004). Global megastar and eight-time GRAMMY Award-winner Usher headlines his Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The Superstar (2004) is challenging himself creatively and testing musical boundaries. Usher's career has been Moving Mountains (2008) since he was first discovered. My Boo (2004) will give his fans an immersive experience that only he can deliver. This exclusive show will be performed in The Colosseum with an impressive Climax (2012) of smash hits spanning Usher’s No Limit (2016) 20-year career, including his early records, more recent songs, and new music. OMG (2010) is all we know to say. U Don’t Have to Call (2001), but you’ll be missing out if you don’t call to make some travel arrangements with Stars and Skyes Travel® to see this breath-taking performance given by the prince of R&B.

Ask us how you can make this a quick weekend trip just like our client Starla.

You can get Caught Up (2004) on a Friday and be back in time for work on Monday – not that you’ll want to, however we know real life calls.

You Make Me Wanna (2013) share this video with you --- https://youtu.be/n467tSItzP0.

Then contact Stars N Skyes Travel® to book your trip. Request a quote via email at travel@starsnskyes.com.

#Relax, We Got You!

Showtime resumes December 28th - January 1st.


Stars N Skyes Travel® specializes in travel packages for groups, romantic getaways, and solo trips. Indeed, we host a variety of vacation and holiday trips all over the world, including Tahiti, Cape Town and European cruises just to name a few. We arelicensed and certified Travel Professionals who have visited over 30 countries. Nita, our Travel Director, has visited most of these countries as a solo tourist. Check out her workbook guide How to Travel Solo and Feel Safe:Shocking Safety Tips, Secret Trip Styles, and Detailed Sample Itineraries which can be purchased on Amazon. Stars N Skyes Travel® has designed countless itineraries for solo travelers, corporate events, destination weddings, guided tours, specialty groups, and so much more. Nita has booked millions of dollars worth of travel packages for travel enthusiasts. In addition, she received her BA from Georgia State University in Business and her MS in Education from Walden University. She is respected in the travel industry for her ability to create amazing travel experiences for her loyal clients. In addition, she has trained several travel professionals who speak highly of her ability to teach. Her level of confidence is respected by both her colleagues and business partners. Stars N Skyes Travel® is famous for the slogan Relax, We Got You!

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