How to Get Vaccine Passports?

“Vaccine passports” are digital or paper documents that show you were vaccinated against COVID-19, and could help you get into a growing number of places.

What they look like and why you might want one depends on where you live, but more private venues, workplaces and governments are requiring proof of vaccination in public settings.

For many people, the CDC-issued, 3- x 4-inch paper COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (that can not be laminated) is all they have to prove that they are fully vaccinated. But a paper certificate can get lost, destroyed, and does not present some of the conveniences of having a digital version (ideally with a corresponding scannable QR code) that is securely stored in our devices for easy access when needed for travel or entry into a theater, restaurant, or event space.

There are a growing number of options for those who would like to digitize their vaccination status. Identity tech company Clear is becoming one of the most convenient ways to create a digital vaccine pass through the Health Pass option on their Clear App.

Delta is testing a new tool that will allow passengers to upload their vaccine credentials ahead of a flight to destinations such as Greece and Iceland that ask international arrivals for proof of vaccination. Clear mobile and CommonPass apps, as well as a few tech platforms are partnering with destinations, airlines, and events to offer digital vaccine passes.

Unfortunately, apps have to be able to communicate with essentially 57 different registries. For now this is complicated. So, put your card in a safe place, and protect it. It won't hurt to take pictures of it, also. We will be back with an update when there is one.

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