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Curaçao is a beautiful and colorful paradise that is often overlooked compared to its Caribbean neighbors. But there are so many reasons why Curaçao should be the next destination you visit. From its beautiful beaches to its diving and snorkeling and local food, there's a lot to explore. Get ready to experience the tropical Dutch Vibe with a myriad of cultures. This mixture means there are a variety of delicious eats to try, many of which involve fresh fruits and seafood. Head to small local restaurants like Seaside Terrace to try Lionfish, snapper, and conch, caught-daily. Also, be sure not to leave the island without grabbing a Batido or two. The icy Spanish milkshake/smoothie is perfect for staying cool.

If things go as planned.... get ready for the return of the CURACAO JAZZ FESTIVAL, the biggest party of the year! It is returning in 2023 – as long as Covid-19 doesn’t stand in the way.


The Caribbean’s most comprehensive museum dedicated to the slave trade and the Middle Passage, Kurá Hulanda (meaning “Dutch courtyard” in Papiamento) is also the region’s largest anthropological collection on Africa. Founded by Dutch philanthropist Jacob Gelt Dekker, the museum opened in 1999 and is located on a former slave yard and merchant’s home. The hair-raising Middle Passage section begins outdoors with the replica of slave pillars for public flogging, and continues indoors to showcase Curaçao’s role as the epicenter of the slave trade, along with the tools used to trap, brand, and punish. For an additional $3, master storyteller Yflen Florentina takes you through the museum while sharing gripping tales from Curaçao’s darkest historical period. It offers a world-class chronicle of the Origin of Man, the African slave trade, West African Empires, Mesopotamian relics and Antillean art.​ At the entrance of the museum, the Museum Shop sells various items, various postcards of impressive collection items, a collection of African art - wooden masks and sculptures from shona stone, paintings and books.

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The clear blue waters off the coast of Curaçao are gorgeous to look at, but underneath the subtle waves lie an even more mesmerizing adventure. Spend the day exploring the famous shipwrecks located just beneath the surface like the popular “Tugboat” dive site.

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Of course a trip to Curacao would not be complete without enjoying a cocktail made from the island’s famous liqueur. A visit to the Curacao Liqueur Distillery allows travelers to take a self-guided tour of the factory and visit the on-site café to enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail made with the liqueur the island is known for.

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Tula Monument, Curacao


Located amidst quiet beaches and a flamingo reserve on Curacao’s south coast is a monument at the spot where one of the Caribbean’s most famous slave rebellion leaders was executed.

Rates start at $1100 per person

(all inclusive hotel and transfers only)

Deposit $100 per person 

Full payment due May 20, 2023

But what about COVID you ask? Travel restrictions are changing constantly. We are working closely with our destination, hotel and tour partners to ensure we provide you with the most updated information. Click here to stay up to date with Covid Travel Requirements. To ease customers who want to book now but are concerned their travel may be impacted by COVID-19, we encourage you to protect your investment with a travel protection plan. A Visa is required for entry.

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