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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Certified Travel Advisor

Did you know that certification is not required for someone to become a travel agent? Most who choose the travel industry will say, "I decided to do this because my family and friends always call me to plan their vacations." Although this is a great start as to why they are in the industry, it is not enough. If you as the consumer want to make the most of your travel experience you will want someone that can do more than what you can do for yourself. You are looking for authentic experiences, the most bang for your buck, the ability to bundle your complete itinerary into one, oftentimes a payment plan, and someone who can bring your vision to life. You want a trained professional.

Stars N Skyes Travel® understands that you can plan trips for yourself just as you can style your own hair, or wash your own car. But every once in a while you call a professional to make your car shine, and your hair flow. It's the same for your travel plans. You deserve a unique journey curated just for your interests. Our professionals search for special perks, travel to test the product, establish personal relationships with in-destination partners, and strive to exceed your expectations.

Diane Petras, CTIE, president of The Travel Institute said, "Taking some basic training and saying, ‘I’m a travel agent’ is very different from achieving and maintaining the level of education you need to do the job well.”

Take a minute to spy on this conversation a client had with her agent:

There are seven reasons why you should choose to use a Certified Travel Advisor for your next destination getaway:

  1. Expertise

  2. Advocate

  3. Resources and Relationships

  4. Convenience

  5. Save Money, Add Value

  6. Better Destinations

  7. Exclusive Access

Expertise - Experienced travel agents know the market and can match travelers with a better product than what can be found on the Internet.

Advocate - If something goes wrong before or during your trip, a certified travel advisor will work hard to get the vacation back on track. Advisors are there to help with flight cancelations, problems with hotel bookings and any other issues that may arise.

Resources and Relationships - Certified travel advisors have a variety of tools and contacts that consumers can’t access or don't know about. Advisors can often get travelers better airplane seats, special amenities at hotels, room upgrades and more. They will also know if you need COVID tests or vaccines as well.

Convenience - Travel advisors save consumers valuable time and energy. A certified advisor can help clients define what they want to get out of their travels and present options that fulfill or exceed their desires. They can book everything, from hotel and air to spa appointments and dining.

Save Money, Add Value - A certified travel advisor is often able to save their clients money—even if they charge a fee for their time. Through exclusive relationships and in-depth knowledge of suppliers, advisors can provide the most bang for their clients' bucks, while also providing a lot of value-adds that most consumers don't even know about.

Better Destinations - Certified travel advisors have inside information on the best times to visit different locations depending on the season, special events or even weather. They sometimes even know what the next "it" destinations are before they become overcrowded.

Exclusive Access - Everyone wants to feel like they are getting something special, and certified travel advisors can make that happen. Some travel experiences—exotic tours, off-the-beaten-path treks and private jet products, among others—often are only available through a professional. A certified travel advisor can open doors unavailable to consumers.

Don't miss out on the special perks that come with allowing a trusted Certified Travel Advisor to plan your trip for you. Experience and training matter, especially in a world emerging from lockdowns and people who are anxious to travel during the pandemic. You don't want to travel anywhere now without a certified advisor. The entry and exit requirements are constantly changing due to Covid-19. Certified travel advisors will provide you with all the information you need to get to and from your dream destinations safety. And if they are anything like the Travel Guru & owner of Stars and Skyes, Nita, they will experience it for themselves so the information you receive is first hand. #RelaxWeGotYou


Stars N Skyes Travel® specializes in travel packages for groups, romantic getaways, and solo trips. Indeed, we host a variety of vacation and holiday trips all over the world, including Tahiti, Cape Town and European cruises just to name a few. We arelicensed and certified Travel Professionals who have visited over 30 countries. Nita, our Travel Director, has visited most of these countries as a solo tourist. Check out her workbook guide How to Travel Solo and Feel Safe:Shocking Safety Tips, Secret Trip Styles, and Detailed Sample Itineraries which can be purchased on Amazon. Stars N Skyes Travel® has designed countless itineraries for solo travelers, corporate events, destination weddings, guided tours, specialty groups, and so much more. Nita has booked millions of dollars worth of travel packages for travel enthusiasts. In addition, she received her BA from Georgia State University in Business and her MS in Education from Walden University. She is respected in the travel industry for her ability to create amazing travel experiences for her loyal clients. In addition, she has trained several travel professionals who speak highly of her ability to teach. Her level of confidence is respected by both her colleagues and business partners. Stars N Skyes Travel® is famous for the slogan Relax, We Got You!

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