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(Video) My journey to Antigua begins...

I always look forward to experiencing new destinations. The purpose of having a passport isn't to let it sit in a drawer and collect dust. You should use it to explore this beautiful world that we have been fortunate enough to see. Learning new cultures and seeing other ways of life gives us the ability to appreciate the differences that are amongst us.

But this journey was different. The new travel protocols that currently exist made me appreciate those days when I could just breeze through the TSA Pre-check/Clear line at the airport I would look into a machine with my eyes and be at the gate in 30 minutes or less. Not once did I even have to pull out my passport. It was just that simple. But not anymore. Now you have to bring test results, medial forms, hand sanitizer, wipes, lysol, face shields, masks, etc.

Although all of that seems like it's too much (which it really is a lot), its STILL not enough to keep me from traveling. See, when you have a passion for travel it is going to take a lot more than a negative covid test requirement and a healthy travel kit to keep you from exploring the world. You see, I was already traveling safely with a healthy kit. We all are responsible for protecting our neighbor. Making sure that you are covid free before entering another country is one way for us to do our part to stop the spread, and a great way to be a responsible occupant of planet earth. After all, it is our selfishness as human beings that got us to where we are now.

I have no problem making sure that I am not causing harm to the person sitting near me on the airplane. I have no problem making sure that the Caribbean islands are not overwhelmed with sickness and a lack of medical resources. I want to do all that I can to protect these islands from being destroyed.

So an uncomfortable nose swab and a printed health screening form got me this well deserved

view. Was it worth it all? What are your thoughts?

Would you like to experience a view like this? if so, complete our quote request form and we will be in touch. Relax, We got you!


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