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Passport Renewal Delays

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Don‘t wait! Start now.

Post-pandemic travel is through the roof! Although I am happy to see this surge in the desire to travel, it’s creating a new problem -- big delays in passport renewals.

Getting even the appointment to apply will take more than a month. I had one client who had to fly to Hawaii for her appointment with the passport office because that was the only slot available IN AMERICA within the timeframe that she needed to get the passport renewed!

Postal officials are seeing a sudden increase in requests as people plan to fly. Clients are getting caught short and are having to postpone their travel plans. If you do not have insurance then you will not only loose what you have booked, but will now have to start over with a new booking that could be more expensive.

The best advice I can give is to start early. Take a look at your passport now to see when it will expire. If it’s within the year then I suggest that you start your renewal process now if you are able to. Do not start the renewal process if you have a trip approaching.

Happy Travels… Nita

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