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Business RadioX Network Interview with Monique Dorsainvil of Facebook

Congratulations to the Stars N Skyes Travel® family on being the featured guest on Business RadioX, a platform where over 50,000 Business Leaders have shared their story on the Business RadioX ® Network. Nita, our Travel Director, was humbled to share her first radio feature with Monique Dorsainvil who works in Public Policy at Facebook and leads engagement to third party think tanks, advocacy organizations, and civil and human rights organizations.

Monique Dorsainvil, Facebook Public Policy
Monique Dorsainvil, Facebook Public Policy
Nita Cooper, Stars N Skyes Travel Director
Nita Cooper, Stars N Skyes Travel Director

Monique and Nita recently had the chance to chat with radio host Lee Cantor. They discussed Facebook’s support of small businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses, empowering Black women both in business and in tech . Together they shared the ways that Facebook has helped small minority business withstand the pandemic.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode

  • How have Black businesses fared during the pandemic

  • Advice on how to use social media to help businesses thrive

  • Ongoing challenges faced by black-owned businesses

  • Specific challenges that women face in running a small business

  • Technology tools that are available for free (or are very inexpensive) that small business owners should use

Click here to listen to the entire interview: SNS YouTube Channel


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