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Georgia travel agent reinvents business during pandemic

"When you're a travel agent, it's hard to survive a global pandemic that locks everything down. Nita Cooper survived by reinventing her business and became a trendsetter in the industry." _ Dana Fowle, Fox 5 News

I just returned from Jamaica and was able to locate the interview on Fox 5 that I did with with Dana Fowle. I am thrilled to share our recognition with our clients who did not catch it when it first aired. We are so happy that our local news channel selected a true Georgia grown business owner to be featured for Black Business Month. This recognition proves that hard work and dedication truly pays off. It gives us so much hope to be recognized for our service within the travel industry on such a large platform as Good Day Atlanta and the I-Team.

The pandemic hit all of travel and tourism really hard, and we are still struggling to recover. Receiving all of the calls from our clients, family, friends, and strangers congratulating us was the boost that we needed. Strangers calling and promising to use our services in the future warmed my heart. To my existing client base, thank you! To our new clients, welcome to the Stars N Skyes Travel family, and thank you for your support. Relax, We Got You! - Nita


Stars N Skyes Travel® specializes in travel packages for groups, romantic getaways, and solo trips. Indeed, we host a variety of vacation and holiday trips all over the world, including Tahiti, Cape Town and European cruises just to name a few. We arelicensed and certified Travel Professionals who have visited over 30 countries. Nita, our Travel Director, has visited most of these countries as a solo tourist. Check out her workbook guide How to Travel Solo and Feel Safe:Shocking Safety Tips, Secret Trip Styles, and Detailed Sample Itineraries which can be purchased on Amazon. Stars N Skyes Travel® has designed countless itineraries for solo travelers, corporate events, destination weddings, guided tours, specialty groups, and so much more. Nita has booked millions of dollars worth of travel packages for travel enthusiasts. In addition, she received her BA from Georgia State University in Business and her MS in Education from Walden University. She is respected in the travel industry for her ability to create amazing travel experiences for her loyal clients. In addition, she has trained several travel professionals who speak highly of her ability to teach. Her level of confidence is respected by both her colleagues and business partners. Stars N Skyes Travel® is famous for the slogan Relax, We Got You!

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